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Transmission and control systems

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Division 2 of TECHNISERV Company provides a complete range of design and supply activities.

This division provides customers with complete solutions containing initial studies, project documentation and engineering activities including investment units supply, implementation and putting into operation. The design and implementation teams of this division are able to ensure system integration of technically challenging and time consuming investment units.

Division 2 references

Scope of Activities

  • Feasibility study
  • Project documentation
  • Acquisition and engineering activities
  • Realisation, supply activities
  • System integration
  • Service, follow-up support
  • Alert and crisis management

Scope of Provided Services

Radio communication devices and systems

  • Systems for frequency spectrum monitoring
  • HF and VHF radio communication systems
  • Television and radio broadcasting systems – analog and digital (DVB-T, DVB-H)
  • Microwave radio-relay links

Thanks to our teams of highly experienced specialists we are also able to provide for the development and optimization of aerial systems upon our customers‘ requirements.

Systems for air traffic control, monitoring and support

  • ATM (Air Traffic Management) systems
  • VHF radio communication system – ground-air communication
  • Radio navigation and guidance systems
  • Lighting security systems
  • Obstacle markers

Light-current security systems

  • Security signalling
  • Fire alarm and detection systems
  • Electronic access control systems
  • CCTV systems

Construction works

  • Aerial carriers, steel constructions, operating sites for technology, containers, technology houses
  • Infrastructure for radio-communication sites, electric connection, data connection, access road
  • Existing objects reconstruction
  • New development

Electromagnetic shielding

Shielded chambers (Faraday’s Cages):

  • To protect confidential information – to prevent tapping of radiated signals
  • To protect systems from destruction by an electromagnetic pulse – protection of vital data
  • To eliminate an undesirable electromagnetic field – when conducting sensitive measurements
  • To prevent any radiation of signals, which could interfere with other equipment
  • To provide space for secret negotiations

Measurement and regulation systems

Scope of provided services:

  • Feasibility study
  • Project documentation
  • Acquisition and engineering activities

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