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Communication and Information systems

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Division 1 of TECHNISERV Company focuses on comprehensive supplying activities supported by high-quality services. It provides customers with solutions consisting of basic analyses, information systems security studies, consultancy, project preparation and realization as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

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Partner companies and institutions

Scope of Provided Services

  • IT solution analysis
  • Consulting services
  • Design and realization
  • Supplies of equipment
  • Data networks optimization
  • Products lending
  • Special trainings
  • Seminars
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Analyses of data networks traffic

Servicing and Maintenance Services Catalogue

Retail SW support for retail shop networks

We provide centralized SW Support of in-Store Systems in four countries (i.e. the Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland and Hungary). Through a remote access our SW engineers administer the cash register systems and other systems related to the operation of the trading companies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in for languages. Our largest client in this area is TESCO STORES ČR Company.

Scope of Provided Products and Services

LAN, WAN networks systems

We provide solutions for small, middle-sized and large companies where our professionals lay great emphasis on the security, reliability, compatibility and maximum operating life of the networks. Network solution designs can also be drawn up based on a free analysis of the client’s network environment. Our LAN/WAN network systems are covered by warranty as well as post-warranty service.

Structured cabling systems

Structured cabling systems offer a general-purpose means for signal transmissions in data and voice networks. The systems are being continuously improved and upgraded and enable the connection of terminal equipment from any manufacturer. We grant a warranty of up to 20 years for these systems.

Network environment administration

Upon the customer’s request we provide network environment administration starting with the administration of active elements and ending with the administration of operating systems and applications.

Voice communication systems and telephone exchanges

We provide solutions to satisfy the communication needs of small, medium-sized and large companies.

Digital ISDN exchanges

The exchanges provide easy scalability, compatibility and system backup. Thanks to these and various other features these exchanges are able to satisfy even the most challenging needs of our customers.

Call centres

We provide a Call Centre application operating on the basis of a private branch exchange and serving for the setup of optimum routing of calls to ensure a direct contact with customers and to enable prompt response to their needs and requirements.

IP telephony

We offer modern technology requiring the IP protocol for voice transmission. This technology combines data and voice systems into one complex and enables using new possibilities of data and voice applications integration.

SW Development

We develop SW for MS Windows and Linux operating systems upon our customer’s requirements to be used in office and industrial environment.

We provide comprehensive services in the area of development, installation, implementation and maintenance of SW solutions and systems.

Security systems

Complete solutions within the broad issue of information and IT systems security including strategic consultancy and audits. We will prepare for you an overall security strategy including the design and implementation of hardware and software solutions. We will protect your information from any danger from the outside as well as from the inside of your company.

We provide complete solutions for building and site security covering the electronic security signalling, electrical fire alarm and detection systems, electronic access control and monitoring by means of an industrial TV.

Wireless Transmission systems

We provide solution for wireless network interconnection of the following types: P2P – point to point and P2M – point to multipoint. This wireless connection is easy to install, flexible and it can be used even for transmissions exceeding the distance of 20 km.

Document Management System

We provide consulting services, design and delivery of solutions in the area of document management system, including the implementation, development of applications and cohesion with the existing systems.

Passenger Check-in Systems

We provide infrastructure for SITA airport check-in systems including their maintenance and servicing.

Intelligent Buildings

We provide solutions covering the interconnection and integration of all technologies and security systems implemented within one building, thus reaching an outstanding maintenance efficiency and significant reduction of operating costs.

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