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Communication and information systems | division 1

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Division 1 of TECHNISERV Company provides: structured cabling systems, LAN and WAN networks systems, administration of network environment, voice communication systems and telephone exchanges, …

Transmission and control systems | division 2

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Division 2 of TECHNISERV Company provides: radio communication devices and systems, systems for air traffic control, monitoring and support, light-current security systems, construction works, electromagnetic shielding, measurement and regulation systems (M+R).

Electrical and electronic systems | division 3

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Division 3 of TECHNISERV Company provides: general plans, studies and documentation for planning inquiry, complete design solutions including works inspection, lighting design studies and projects of European standards (Dialux, Relux and Oxytech), buildings system technology

Technological systems and equipment | division 4

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Division 4 of TECHNISERV Company provides: consulting services, documentation for planning inquiry, realization documentation, authorial supervision during construction realization, …

Building constructions and engineering | division 5

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Division 5 of TECHNISERV company provides: complete pre-design and design preparation of constructions including engineering activities.